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I've had the pleasure of working with Jim Cartwright since 2012,
when he produced my album "Where Did The Love Go".
His production on ALL levels surpassed all my expectations....
I was amazed by what I heard..!!

Jim Cartwright; seasoned producer, and CEO of Fame & Fortune
Entertainment and Records, provides everything you need in putting 
together a total recording experience.... from the "Best" musicians
you'll ever have the pleasure of working with, "Great" writers If 
needed...and the ability to get your music out to the buying public.
His production and knowledge of the Music Business Is Invaluable.

The proof is in the pudding. My album was met with great success.
I've had 4 songs hit #1 on the Independent charts. The album was up
for nomination in 8 categories for the Grammys.
I received 4 Independent awards starting in 2012 as the Favorite
Crossover Artist; In 2014 Comeback Artist and Video of the Year;
and in 2015 was the Favorite Male Country Artist.

I thank Jim for all he's done to help thus far with my career.
He's a great producer, mentor, and friend.
We are starting to work on a new project we believe is going to be
very special. I know I'm In good hands and can't wait to work with
Jim again.

For anyone trying to launch their music career, I highly recommend
Jim Cartwright and Fame & Fortune Entertainment...!! 

Thanks.. Del Robbins

Scott Stallard:

I've had the pleasure of knowing producer Jim Cartwright since 1993 when we worked
together on my debut album titled "Streets Of Truth". I was able to secure a label 
release contract with a local company "Country Showcase America", which resulted in
around 10,000 copies sold locally.

Needless to say, Jim's production was a defining contributing factor to the success. 
Move forward 22 years to 2015 and Jim and I teamed up again to record an EP of
4 songs titled "Moment Of Truth". Two of my four original compositions from the
project shot to the #1 position with a Santa Monica based promotions company and
syndicated radio show where both of the songs would remain in the top 10 well into

Once again...Jim's expertise as a producer of the project was crucial to the success of
my songs. I would highly recommend any aspiring artist or songwriter In search of
Independent production or Independent label to consider producer Jim Cartwright and
Fame & Fortune Entertainment and Records.

Fletcher Avant:

I enjoyed working with producer Jim Cartwright of Fame & Fortune Entertainment and Records.
I was very happy with the end results of my debut album "Rhymes And Reasons" In March, 2011
so much... I chose Jim to produce my sophomore project as well.

Jim works with quality seasoned "session pros" and highly qualified engineers behind the console. 
The work from my second album "It's A Long Road" resulted In It being "Up for Nomination" for a 
Grammy award and resulted in my having a #1 single on the Independent charts.

I highly recommend If you're looking to record a project In Nashville that you hire Jim Cartwright
to produce your project. His ability to listen to the artist or songwriter's Input during a project and
convey what's going on in your head is extremely rewarding. He makes the recording process easy, fun, and very feasible for the Independent artist without sacrificing quality or professionalism.

Chris Martin:

The greatest thrill of any songwriter or artist Is hearing your Ideas come to fruition In the form of mastered tracks.
I have worked with Jim Cartwright and Fame & Fortune Entertainment over 20 years on various projects.
He takes my raw Ideas and then brings In Top Rated Nashville Session Players, and we create " MAGIC".

Jim's production style pulls In sounds and Ideas that I had not considered, polishing and mixing tracks to remove the
excess, so they become marketable, elevating raw songwriting so It shines as professional radio ready songs Is Outstanding.
A huge part of any successful business venture Is knowing the right people, and Jim knows the right people.
Adding to that he has helped me with producing my vocals and my Intonation In order to release the best version of myself
Into each song.

I wouldn't consider going to anyone else with my Ideas because as the saying goes "If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It" !! Plus the fact
he's a great guy, and a great friend, and If you treat him nice he'll buy you a steak dinner :)
As I'm writing this I have a new original 10 song project lined up with Jim, and I can't wait to get back Into the studio and create "MAGIC"..!!