Featured Artists

Scott Stallard

Born and raised in Northern Virginia. A product of the 1960’s handed me musical influences too large to quote. Let’s just say: “In my opinion, the best of musical times” I played in many local bands as a drummer early on; and started writing original material for my band “Poor Thomas”. We had a decent following locally for years while continuing to play into my mid thirties. Then my second career took off... always wanting to be a Police Officer which led to that opportunity in 1991. Almost 25 years of service kept me away from my music although not completely, but long enough to keep me from enjoying it the way I used to. Now since having retired, I decided to find a career after Law Enforcement, the answer was quite clear. I began writing and performing again, and enjoying this time of my life. Some of my music was actually inspired by experiences as a police officer; but most of my music is about trial and error and good times growing up…. and loving to perform and share my music with the world.